About Us

Swadesh means Own country

Swadesh, the word, originates from Sanskrit. In A short Meaning “own country”.

At Swadesh we use the whole palette of flavours—spicy, sour, sweet, and hot all at the same time—making it something that wants to jump off the plate.

The Management and Staff at Swadesh will go the extra mile to make sure you have all that you require so that the meal and experience is tailored to your needs.

Our menu reflects the diversity of India. Swadesh is the perfect place for people who like options.Each region of India has its own style of cooking and distinct flavours.

The North is known for its tandoori and korma dishes; the South is famous for hot and spicy foods; the East specialises in chilli curries; and the West uses coconut and seafood, whereas the Central part of India is a blend of all. Our menu provides a selection of dishes from all over the world, hence giving everyone a reason to taste Swadesh food.

Our head chef and one of the Director Ajay Sharma has 25 years of experience in Indian cooking as he plays close attention to selection of quality ingredients, state-of- the-art cooking, consistent quality control and fine dining service.